Once we receive your enquiry the next step is for us to meet you and to discuss your needs in more detail. It is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have. You do not have to make a decision during the first meting whether you would like us to provide the support to you. You can take your time to think about it and let us know of your decision later. If you, however, feel confident during that first meeting that you would like to receive the support from us then we can go ahead and carry out an assessment of your needs.  This is important so that we can find out exactly what support you need and work with you to plan how to provide this support in the best way possible. The assessment process is focused on a holistic approach and involves asking questions about you, your current situation and levels of independence, your capabilities, preferences and- most importantly of all- your goals. If you wish you can have a relative or friend, someone who knows you well, to be present at the meeting as well.

The assessment process also includes a risk assessment of your home and this is so that we can identify any potential hazards that could pose a risk to you or our support workers. We treat all information given to us in strict confidence and we will only share information with others with your permission. The assessment process usually takes up to two hours.

Starting care

Once we have completed the assessment, all the information gathered is put together into a support plan which we will ask you to check and sign prior to care starting so we know that you are happy with it. Your support plan is the main document that support workers refer to in order to ensure that you receive exactly the care that you want. Your plan is not set in stone- it will evolve as you do. Together with you and your support network we will review your needs, your achievements and wishes on a regular basis, revise your plan and if you want, set new goals to aim for.

Once care starts you will receive a rota each week to let you know the exact timings of your calls and which support worker will be visiting you. We will facilitate an introduction of each support worker in your team to you so that you feel safe knowing who is coming to your home.

Changes to your care needs

We take pride in being very responsive to any changes required and will endeavour to get these in place as quickly as possible to ensure that you are receiving the care and support that you need at all times.

Your opinion matters

Once your care starts we will undertake regular reviews to ensure that we are delivering the right care for you. We seek and welcome feedback from our clients at any time and we really want to know your opinion on whether you are happy with the service you receive.