Meet the Accolade Team


Person-centred approach, honesty and integrity…that’s our way!

The Accolade Team

We are a team of over 30 ladies, affectionately called by our clients ‘Accoladies’.

We understand that selecting the right staff and equipping them with the skills and tools they need to carry out their role confidently, with honesty, respect and safety are vital in order to achieve our aim, which is to improve quality of life for everyone we support. Our signature staff excellence is reflected in the unique and specialist training we offer as a part of our ongoing approach to a person-centred service. These training modules are separate and in addition to the mandatory training required by all health professionals deepening the team knowledge within a wider, more varied scope of mental and physical health. All our team members are meticulously vetted, and we ensure this by having rigorous recruitment and selection process.

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Sylwia Latacz – Owner & Registered Manager

For over 15 years now I have enjoyed helping individuals I care for to live their lives as independently as possible, and looking for the right solutions to do so. Accolade is an extension of the ethos I advocate, which is dedicated to person centred tailored care, underpinned by transparency and accountability. I take pride in offering a highly responsive and forward thinking service to our clients which gives great peace of mind that we are always available to help, or if any problems arise. I have a vast wealth of hands on experience supporting a diverse group of vulnerable adults in the community, including the elderly, individuals with learning disabilities, autism, brain injury and physical disabilities. Over the years, whilst working on the front line of Health and Social Care services I have been committed to offering the very best practices within the care sector.

Along with my previous experience of working as a registered manager for a domiciliary care provider I hold a level 5 diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care, I am a certified Person- Centred Planning facilitator and Moving and Handling trainer.

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Minie Nyoni – Senior Support Worker

My journey with Accolade began in October 2022 as a support worker both on the complex and community teams. As an immigrant to the UK, Accolade has been a second home to me and we value person-centeredness, honesty and integrity, which are the ethos I strive to fulfil on a daily basis.

I have 3 years of professional experience in the health sector and poses an NVQ2 qualification. I am still in the process of upgrading my experience and qualifications. In November 2023, I was promoted to the role of Senior Support Worker and continue to provide personalized care that meets the unique needs of each individual.

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Sophie-Anne Wood - Care Manager

I joined Accolade Support & Care in February 2020 as a Care Manager and I am responsible for the day to day running of the organisation to ensure the service we provide to our clients is safe, effective, and well led. This includes recruitment, training and development processes, undertaking initial assessments and overseeing every aspect of care and support delivered.

I have 13 years’ experience in Health and Social Care, working with clients with Learning Disabilities, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Long-term Conditions and Palliative Care. I previously worked in a clinical setting within Offender Health as a Registered Nursing Associate and continue to retain my registration.

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Ashleigh Page - Curley - Senior Support Worker

I joined Accolade Support & Care in February 2020 as a support worker. Since being with Accolade I have completed my Level 3 Diploma in Adult & Social Care, which has led me onto my role as a Senior Support Worker.
It’s my job to ensure that our high standard of care is maintained and to address and report any concerns to the Care Manager. I spend most of my time with our clients and getting to know them on a more personal level. This helps me understand how best to support our clients using a person-centred approach.
I am also responsible for supporting the management team and helping with our social media. This means updating our Facebook and Instagram page with lots of information to keep people up to date with local and relevant information.

I am very passionate about my job and I enjoy connected with others and making a difference to peoples day.

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Mandy Eaborn - Care Manager

I have worked in the care sector for over 20 years now. Together with other training I hold a level 5 diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care which I completed in 2019.

I joined Accolade Support and Care in May 2017 as a Field Supervisor and later moved into a role of a Care Manager. My job is to ensure that our clients receive excellent person- centred care, meeting individual needs and preferences of each person. Accolade works as a team with a positive attitude ensuring our clients receive quality care. I oversee training our support workers to the highest standard, working alongside them to gain the skills and knowledge to carry out their job effectively so they feel confident to provide safe, honest, respectful care to our clients, making a difference to their lives and giving support to the rest of the family. Together as a team, Accolade achieves to provide an excellent standard of care. We are the ‘A’ Team!

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Sally-Ann Higgins

I joined Accolade Support & Care in April 2019 as a support worker on the Complex Care Team. Coming from a very different background working in management and the financial sector, joining the Care Sector was new and exciting for me, and a little scary. I didn’t need to be worried as the support and wealth of knowledge within Accolade made it an easy transition. It’s challenging, rewarding and sometimes emotional – I can honestly say I have never looked back.

I joined the office support team in October 2020, responsible for HR, Recruitment and Training. I feel I have gone full circle to now working back in an office but this time I know it’s as part of a team that makes such a positive difference to people’s lives – enabling them to stay in their own homes.

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Anna-Marie Higgins

I joined Accolade Support and Care in August 2021 as one of our support workers and was later promoted to the Assistant Manager role. Part of my role within Accolade Support and Care is to ensure our clients receive person-centred care to a high standard which is tailored to their individual needs, wishes and preferences. Alongside this, I undertake initial assessments and reviews throughout our client’s care to ensure our support remains to the highest standard. I am also responsible for the management of the Client and staff rota and for liaising with clients and their families to ensure the services provided by Accolade meet their needs.

I have 13 years of experience in various Health and Social Care settings, but predominantly working with adults with learning disabilities, supporting adults with Mental Health and more recently Dementia care and Palliative and End of Life care.

I am currently undertaking training to further my knowledge and skills in supporting people needing Palliative and End of Life care.

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Kimberley Nyashanu– Senior Support Worker

I joined Accolade Support and Care in April 2023 as a support worker and from then I have since been promoted to the role of a Senior Support Worker. Working alongside this A Team has helped enhance my capabilities; I have always been one with a lifelong passion of caring for others and Accolade Support and Care has been the right environment for me to ensure that I run with that passion and people centric vision.

My new role as a Senior Support Worker is to always support the management team in providing the best, most excellent and most preferred person- centred service to all our clients. I will also be assisting with client assessments and making sure their support plans are in line with their personal needs. My role also includes assisting with the shadowing of new support workers as well as leading by example at any given time I’m working.

Together with other trainings I’ve had in the past 3 years , I have a lot of experience is caring for vulnerable adults including those with Dementia and Learning disabilities and Multiple Sclerosis.

Along with many other certificates I hold a Care Certificate , Moving and Handling Certificate; First Aid Skills, Mental Capacity, Safeguarding Adults, Medication Administration, Nurse Aid Training with the Red Cross and Infection Prevention and Control .

If you would like more information about Accolade and what we can do for you or your loved one please get in touch.

We are here to listen and understand your needs in an atmosphere of respect and confidentiality.